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Registering Interpilot by check

Make check for $12 payable to Sergey Menshikov

Send it to the following address:

    Sergey Menshikov
    1250 Bayhill dr. Suite 113
    San Bruno, CA 94066

Please mention your UserName (Hotsync ID) and e-mail address. The registration information will be sent to that e-mail address.


Hotsync ID/User Name is your user name used by Palm Desktop to recognize Palm connected organizers between each other. Your Hotsync ID/User Name may be found as a first line above Registration code___ text field in Interpilot, or in Hotsync App as a first line (Welcome <UserName>).

UserName on Unix - courtesy of Dmitriy Kokhmanyuk (DK)

To set Hotsync ID on UNIX using pilot-link package run "dlpsh /dev/cua???' then type: user -n "Firstname Lastname".

Enter 'user' without arguments to view current setting.

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