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  • Overview


    Release History


    Interpilot Release History


    • Sony high resolution support
    • OS 4.1
    • No need to deactivate/activate again on registration code change


    • Categories / Find problem is fixed


    • ThinkDB, Categories and Preferences (Date) bug fixed
    • GoType support (Russian/Greek)
    • Palm Keyboard driver 1.2 support
    • Handspring spontaneous wake-up while on cradle fixed (for reg users only)
    • OS 4.0 support (on-screen keyboard requires updated lang DB)
    • Greek reverse accent input support
    • Menu-Calc popups support - use bent stroke like "<" up or down
    • Attempt to delete Interpilot or active DB now brings a warning popup

    2.2 (Beta)

    • Palm Keyboard support (currently in Greek and Russian only) - press Shift twice to switch layouts
    • Nasty fatal on restore after hard reset/erase all data - fixed
    • Command bar/stroke in OS 3.5 - fixed


    • Czech Win/Mac/ISO
    • Croatian C-caron in bold font fixed
    • AppLauncher list mode crash in PalmOS 3.5 fixed
    • ABC123abc CapsLock glitch in PalmOS 3.5 fixed
    • Find and Find in ThinkDB crash fixed (TxtTransliterate fix)
    • "Interpilot 2.0" form title fixed
    • Shortcuts in PalmOS 3.5 fixed
    • Pen queue out of sync (RpnPopCalc) - please contact Benc software for the fix
    • PalmOS 3.5 boxlike character and general unreadability fixed
    • ABC123abc CapsLock glitch fixed
    • Interpilot 2.0 activated/deactivated on each visit to setup page. Now it does at exact moment when checkbox is tapped
    • Interpilot is now safe to activate/deactivate in any order with hacks and other trap handlers that use system means of hooking traps. Remember, though, that it always activates in front of everybody in trap handler chain.
    • Asks whether to reactivate on reset
    • Supports language databases with active elements, such as complete localizators
    • About 200 bytes of meaningless code from 2.0 removed - compilation glitch


    • A complete rewrite (means all bugs are new ones)
    • PalmOS 3.3 disappearing character problem solved
    • Languages are separated into databases
    • Languages can be switched on the fly
    • New graffiti switch stroke
    • Resists when someone tries to delete it and it is active
    • Automatically activates itself on reset (if it was active immediately before reset)
    • PalmOS 1.0 registration crash problem fixed
    • No need to find a version of your particular PalmOS version


    • Improved sorting in languages with lots of accents
    • Greek Mac encoding
    • Russian DOS encoding
    • Turkish Mac encoding
    • Palm IIIx, V and VII system characters fixed
    • Euro symbol for WIN encodings
    • Known bug - if Win encoding used in Palm III and lower, in date/time selection euro is displayed instead of non-breaking space (Sorry, if that bothers you, please use previous version for a while)


    • More safe install (all language versions)!! Please upgrade.
    • Lavian Mac 10029 CE encoding added
    • Accent symbols in all fonts and keyboards
    • Z-kropka fix in Polski
    • Z-kropka in bigbold font in Polski
    • Yaverty keyboards layout for Russian Win
    • Latvian caseless O-macron and R-cedilla fix


    • Keyboard invocation double tap is cured (now a single tap is enough)
    • up, down, left, right characters are supported in all modes
    • Turkish - fixed dotless I input weirdness
    • Greek - added i & u with both dialytika and tonos
    • Sorting fixed for Turkish
    • Russian and Turkish - InterPilot is faster. Check yourself in big todo list.


    • Size was cut by 4KB (Now am I cool or what?! Write me=-))) )
    • New shortcut and command recognition logic (more reliable than before)
    • Graffiti reference - now it does not block your preference setting for upstroke
    • Graffiti reference - inserted into system dialog
    • Graffiti reference - Y position is matched to PalmOS default
    • Now Cyrus has icons (at last!)
    • PalmPilot 1000/5000 version
    • Palm III enjoys fast FntSetFont - there is a visible difference in ToDo list (Sorry Palm developers - FntDefineFont is buggy)
    • Font symbols are cleaned up (SH, SCH, TS, ?)
    • Font problems in Insider and Disassebmler are cured
    • Russian B may be drawn as S backwards - more natural, less reliable
    • Application form is redrawn on activation - no problems with mismatched text input positions now
    • Big font - baseline fixed


    • Shortcuts! For compatibility, YA symbol is now drawn backwards (sorry)
    • Default symbol added to all fonts


    • Command is supported now in russian mode. It switches into english for the time command is displayed on the screen
    • Font widths - some fonts had characters wider than necessary
    • koi8 version - can be loaded into the same pilot together with CP1251, just should not be activated toghether
    • Keyboard now starts in russian mode if the graffiti is in russian
    • Caseless compare now understands YO
    • PalmOS 2.0 version (PPro & PPersonal)
    • Some graffiti symbols now have more glyphs - for example russian b has q glyph
    • Sorting - Y umlaut was after Z, now fixed
    • Thanks to optimizations of C code, size is about 1KB less =-))


    • Shift backspace bug is fixed - now if you shift while in Russian mode, by entering backspace you remove shift without deleting a character.
    • Registration module - problem with unrecognized regcodes is cured.
    • Registration module - deactivation/activation is done automatically when registering.
    • Type of russian encoding is mentioned on the title bar


    Release History

    (C) Sergey Menshikov 1998-2002