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    Requirements and Features

    Installation and Activation

    Graffiti Input

    Entering Accents

    In most languages supported by Interpilot (except Russian and Ukrainian excepted), there are accented letters. In order to enter accented letter, first enter a normal letter then the accent stroke. For most languages entering an accent stroke second time removes an accent. Please refer Graffiti help for you language database to get an exact accent graffiti glyph.

    Graffiti Help

    Graffiti Help is invoked by pen stroke from letter area of Graffiti up to the center of the screen.

    If it displays keyboard when you enter the upward stroke, visit Preferences, select dropdown menu Buttons, press Pen and then select Graffiti Help.

    Graffiti Help is not available on PalmOS 1.0 (Pilot 1000/5000).

    National Graffiti

    Complete National Graffiti is available for Russian, Greek and Ukrainian only because these languages have characters that are very different from basic English.

    Greek and Russian Graffiti:


    In Russian and Greek, the first page of Graffiti Help depends on National Graffiti status. If it is on, National Graffiti help is displayed, otherwise normal English Graffiti Help is displayed.

    Switching into National Graffiti

    Switching to/from National Graffiti is performed by pen stroke that starts in Graffiti letter area and ends at the left or right edge of the screen as shown on picture:

    Alternatively, National Graffiti can be switched on or off by vertical up or down stroke on Calculator and Find silkscreen buttons (to the left of letter Graffiti area):

    Using Keyboard

    For all languages there is a national keyboard. For Russian, Greek and Ukrainian, national keyboard replaces "Intl" keyboard layout, for the rest of languages the only difference is accent character that appears on English part of keyboard.

    In National Graffiti mode of Russian and Greek, when keyboard is invoked it is automatically switched into "Intl" mode.

    Russian and Polski keyboards:


    Note that Russian keyboard is located in place of Intl one.

    Note also the accent character on Polski between `p' and Backspace.

    Palm Portable Keyboard

    Current Interpilot beta - 2.2 allows typing in Greek and Russian using Palm Portable keyboard. Other languages are coming soon. Please visit Download page.

    Switching Language Databases

    Languages or encodings can be switched back and forth on the fly by a Graffiti strokes on Calculator and Find silkscreen buttons (to the right of numeric Graffiti area) as shown on the picture:

    To check currently active language, enter updown stroke on Calculator and Find silkscreen buttons (to the right of numeric Graffiti area).


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    Release History

    (C) Sergey Menshikov 1998-2001