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    If you are looking for international fonts, you might be interested in Interpilot.

    Download new version 3.2 now!

    FontHack 123 is a FREE font substitution hack. It needs one or several .pdb font files to be present in PalmPilot. Requires HackMaster (EvPlugBase, X-Master) to run.

    For power users Pilot Font Editor is a must!

    Inspired by DigitalGlyph Software FontHack Plus (it does not work on the Palm III hardware and newer).

    Beta 4.0c

    with OS 4.1 and Sony High Resolution support is here.

    HR Disclaimer:

    Sony High Resolution assist makes non-HR-native applications draw using HR fonts by simply substituting HR fonts in text drawing functions. Here is the problem: it does not make similar substitutions for font size functions - so the application still measures letters by sizes of low-res font that happens to be active at the moment.

    Example: replace HrStandard with Standard. In Memo pad you will see small letters written on large lines with the rest of space filled with garbage. Now to "fix" the problem, select Antz from Mr. Zenz excellent font collection as Standard. It will look a bit better.

    I considered fixing it, but this would require FontHack123 to become full featured resident program - without using HackMaster - because of imminent performance issues. If you consider this a bug, let Sony fix it.


    Pilot Font Editor

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