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    Release History


    Source Code


    Version 4.0c

    • OS 4.1 support
    • Sony High Resolution fonts support
    • New user interface to accomodate more than 8 fonts
    • Font deletion check is removed (sorry, it did not work as planned)
    • Works on LaunchGoTo (thanks Jerry Hedden)

    Version 3.2

    • TealMaster compatibility
    • Improved check if font database was deleted (I'd upgrade if I were you)
    • Reversed change below - all apps now applies to everything startable, not only apps in the list

    Version 3.1

    • Popup favorites and Preferences bug fixed
    • "All apps" now does not apply to apps not displayed in list

    Version 3.0

    • Does not allow deleting itself or font databases while active
    • Checks consistency of Application-Fonts database on activation
    • Fixes inconsistencies if Application-Fonts database on each visit of FontHack's setup screen
    • Now accounts for X-Master (did not work on that before)
    • Supports PalmOS 4.0
    • Shows samples of actual fonts in font selection list
    • Sorts applications and fonts in respective selection lists
    • Allows to explicitly specify system font (so you can say: all apps to use font X but Address Book that is to use standard)

    Version 2.2

    • Now accounts for EVPlugBase (crashed on that before)
    • Will refuse to operate on OS above 3.5 (insurance)
    • Warns users about potential crashes because of different font size unknown to some apps.
    • Now it accounts for possible .prc file of type Font. It skips them now. (crashed on that before)

    Version 2.0

    • After reset, FontHack123-2 can now be reactivated automatically (answer yes to "reinstall all hacks" question after reset)
    • "All apps" still has priority over a particular app setting if the setting is "none".Otherwise, app setting has a priority.
    • No silly "100 apps" or "200 apps" limitations.
    • The code is actually simpler to understand (to those who cares to have a look at the source).

    Initial version

    • Well, initial functionality


    Pilot Font Editor

    (C) Sergey Menshikov 1998-2001