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    The Interpilot project is now officially discontinued.

    Paragon Software Smart Handheld Devices Division has gracefully agreed to support registered customers of Interpilot by providing them a free one-time upgrade to the Piloc localization software product.

    Please contact 911@penreader.com for free upgrade information.

    Thank you for all of your support.

    Some of the customers who paid by check would not be able to claim an upgrade to Piloc because of insufficient customer information at the time of transaction. Sorry.

    Read and write in your favorite language

    ... on your PalmOS Connected Organizer (Palm, Handspring, Sony ...)!

    Currently Greek, Turkish, Czech, Polski, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Croatian, Ukrainian in multiple encodings.

    Interpilot 2.5 with Sony high resolution support is here.

    Greek 2.5: (win mac, Palm Portable Keyboard, reverse accent, OS1.0-4.1)


    Turkish 2.4: (win mac, Palm Portable Keyboard, OS1.0-4.1)


    Russian 2.5: (win mac koi8-r dos, Palm Portable Keyboard, OS1.0-4.1)


    Czech 2.4: (win mac iso, Palm Portable Keyboard, OS1.0-4.1)


    (more images to follow)

    Download. You may try fully functional version for as long as you like.

    If you like it, you may register it with check or credit card.


    Interpilot supports Palm and Handspring handhelds running under PalmOS starting from version 1.0 till and including current OS4.1.

    Features include:

    • Fonts (including Sony high resolution mode fonts)
    • Onscreen Keyboard
    • Native Graffiti
    • Palm Portable Keyboard (Russian and Greek also support GoType)
    • Graffiti Help (starting with PalmOS2.0)
    • Sorting
    • Caseless find
    • Character attributes
    • State Indicator (Greek, Russian and Ukrainian)
    • Commands (menu)
    • Shortcuts (english names)
    • Graffiti Extended shift mode
    • Language/encoding switching


    Release History

    (C) Sergey Menshikov 1998-2002