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  • Overview


    Release History



    The Interpilot project is now officially discontinued.

    Paragon Software Smart Handheld Devices Division has gracefully agreed to support registered customers of Interpilot by providing them a free one-time upgrade to the Piloc localization software product.

    Please contact 911@penreader.com for free upgrade information.

    Thank you for all of your support.

    Some of the customers who paid by check would not be able to claim an upgrade to Piloc because of insufficient customer information at the time of transaction. Sorry.

    Download the files below at you own risk - registration codes are no longer issued, and no support is available.

    The codes

    Before contacting me about the codes, please visit http://www.sergem.net/dealer , login: user, password: password.

    Donations are welcome at paypal@sergem.net and you can always buy Pilot Font Editor.

    Best of luck!

    You need to download and install interpilot engine and one or several language databases. Select one of available encodings - use win if you run Windows, mac for Macintosh, the rest is usually for Unix.

    Release - 2.5

    If you do not plan running Interpilot on Sony Palm device, please use 2.4 language databases (below) with Interpilot 2.50, as 2.5 databases are three times as large (~58K)


    • Sony high resolution support
    • OS 4.1
    • No need to deactivate/activate again on registration code change

    greek-win-25.prc greek-mac-25.prc

    rus-win-25.prc rus-mac-25.prc rus-koi8-25.prc rus-dos-25.prc

    czech-win-25.prc czech-iso-25.prc czech-mac-25.prc

    turkish-win-25.prc turkish-mac-25.prc

    polski-win-25.prc polski-mac-25.prc polski-iso-25.prc

    More languages to follow soon

    Release - 2.4

    2.4 requires 2.4-compatible language databases (old ones will work, but there will be no onscreen keyboard).

    Also available as a single zip file


    • Categories / Find problem is fixed

    interpilot-241.prc: (obsoleted by 2.43)

    • ThinkDB, Categories and Preferences (Date) bug fixed

    interpilot-24.prc: (obsoleted by 2.41)

    • GoType support (Russian/Greek)
    • Palm Keyboard driver 1.2 support
    • Handspring spontaneous wake-up while on cradle fixed (for reg users only)
    • OS 4.0 support (on-screen keyboard requires updated lang DB)
    • Greek reverse accent input support
    • Menu-Calc popups support - use bent stroke like "<" up or down
    • Attempt to delete Interpilot or active DB now brings a warning popup

    greek-win-24.prc greek-mac-24.prc:

    • Greek reverse accent support in graffiti, onscreen, Palm and Gotype keyboards
    • Graffiti reference with letters
    • More convenient accent glyphs (old ones are supported also)

    turkish-win-24.prc turkish-mac-24.prc:

    • Palm Keyboard support (Alt+unaccented letter)
    • Single-glyph accented character input (both Graffiti and onscreen keyboard)

    estonian-win-24.prc estonian-mac-24.prc:

    latvian-win-24.prc latvian-mac-24.prc:

    lithuanian-win-24.prc lithuanian-mac-24.prc:

    • Updated Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian DBs
    • 2.4 (OS4.0) compatible
    • Full Windows Baltic code page support
    • Palm Portable Keyboard (Alt+unaccented letter)

    rus-win-24.prc rus-mac-24.prc rus-koi8-24.prc rus-dos-24.prc:

    • 2.4 (OS4.0) compatible
    • New Graffiti Reference with Russian letters
    • Euro sign support in Win and Mac

    polski-win-24.prc polski-mac-24.prc polski-iso-24.prc:

    • 2.4 (OS4.0) compatible
    • Euro sign on onscreen keyboard (Win only)
    • Palm Portable Keyboard support

    czech-win-24.prc czech-mac-24.prc czech-iso-24.prc:

    • 2.4 (OS4.0) compatible
    • Euro sign, including onscreen keyboard (Win only)
    • Palm Portable Keyboard support

    croatian-win-24.prc croatian-dos-24.prc

    • 2.4 (OS4.0) compatible
    • Euro sign, including onscreen keyboard (Win only)
    • Palm Portable Keyboard support
    • Easy graffiti input (accent glyph is not required)


    • 2.4 (OS4.0) compatible
    • Euro sign, including onscreen keyboard
    • Palm Portable Keyboard support

    Palm Desktop patches


    Run the below patch in your Palm directory. Check Palm Desktop setup page from more information.


    The below patches fix garbage appearing in the Palm Desktop after Hotsync. Check Palm Desktop setup page from more information.

    Old Stuff - 2.2


    Also available as a single zip file


    Language Databases


    Release History

    (C) Sergey Menshikov 1998-2002